Meet The Vanderblue Team

The Vanderblue Team

The Vanderblue Team

What are some of the benefits of working with The Vanderblue Team?

  • More skill, services and collaboration
  • More experiential knowledge and expertise
  • More marketing power, networking and exposure
  • More expert guidance

Recognized as top 1% in the nation by Wall Street journal Real Trends, our team has an in-house support team of seven focused on education, innovation, marketing, staging, uncovering opportunity, social media and administration. Which means we, as agents, can focus on our clients.

As an active member of the Vanderblue Team, Anne Frewen heads up the Urban to Suburban division working to create a smoother transition from a city to suburban life.  She also focuses on the neighborhoods of Greenfield Hill and Southport as areas of expertise, places she both lives and is involved with the local communities.


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