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How to Make Your Home Zen

November 14, 2021
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Living in harmony and peace is something we can all aim for. Zen philosophy embodies this goal as well. Aside from meditation, this ancient approach to life is about surrounding yourself with a natural, simple, and calming environment.
Learn how to make your home Zen and reduce stress by eliminating factors such as visual distractions and clutter. Instead, incorporate space and soothing themes from nature which will help you to regulate your stress levels.

How to Make Your Home Zen


Keep it Simple

A Zen interior is recognized with clean lines, simple aesthetic components and soothing tones. Keep it simple by using natural light, warm wood, and pale colors to create a calm and peaceful environment.
It is best to keep accessories to a minimum. A good idea is to add stone elements and candles, which both fit perfectly with the Zen style.

Incorporate Natural Hues

Use soft greens, light blues, and other tones that correspond with natural elements. Avoid using bright colors and choose an overall palette that doesn’t stress the senses.
This meditation-inspired tactic is appropriate mostly for bedrooms. It will help you if you struggle to sleep because of busy thoughts from the day whizzing around your mind.

Light it Up

There’s nothing as refreshing as natural light to make your place feel airy, bright, and close to nature. Keep curtains and blinds open throughout the day to let the light pour in at every opportunity.
To achieve a peaceful mood, exchange the harshness of overhead lights with a mix of soft and ambient lighting.

Take Care of Your Feet

A Zen design will help you care for your feet with rich, comfortable materials for your floor.
We have more than 30 pressure points on our feet and massaging them you can reduce stress and treat certain symptoms of illness.
A plush rug, for example, will make you feel more relaxed than a hard surface and will reinforce the cozy feeling of being wrapped in softness.

Get Rid of (most) Mirrors

In Feng shui, an ancient Chinese method of positioning items in your home, mirrors are said to reflect energy. There are studies that indicate mirrors could trigger anxiety and stress.
Although mirrors can make space look larger, to make your home Zen, remove them from the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. If you just can’t totally get rid of your mirror, try to place it in the bathroom or behind closet doors.

Keep the Air Fresh

Improve the quality of air in the home by having foliage, plants, and flora. Plants help in improving concentration and increase positive energy. Fresh air positively affects mental activity as well, which in turn reduces stress.

Install a Water Feature

Even the simplest water feature can have a positive effect on a home. The soothing sound of trickling water has the power to transport you to a tranquil paradise and help you feel relaxed and cozy.

Zen is a Way of Life

Zen design embodies a minimalist philosophy, making use of natural materials, patterns of space and light, and rejection of clutter.
A Zen home will be relaxing, cozy, visually balanced, and appealing. When these concepts are present in your home, you will also feel the Zen.

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