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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

November 21, 2021
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As open-floor plans are growing in popularity, the kitchen is no longer reserved just for cooking.
It is both a stylish focal point in your home and a place for gourmet adventures and social interactions with family and friends.
Therefore it is no surprise that an upgrade in style with the latest kitchen remodeling trends can instantly boost the value of your property on the real estate market.
If you want to seal the deal with potential buyers, these remodeling ideas will help you reach your goal.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends


Quartz Is King

Quartz countertops are basically the answer to all your kitchen prayers. They are not only heat-resistant but are also immune to spills and scratches. Besides, they come in neutral hues that can easily complement any kitchen color scheme. Easy to maintain and easy on the eyes – definitely a smart remodeling choice.

Induction Cooking

If you are looking for fast and cost-effective cooking options, this trend is just for you. Induction burners employ little heat and their surface cools off immediately after use. These cooktops are a perfect solution for families with little kids. Moreover, they can effortlessly fit into any kitchen design.

Big, Functional Sinks

“Practical” is the keyword in sink trends this year. The models are large enough to hold both your sizeable casseroles and pans. Plus, you can forget about annoying splashes altogether.

Smart Kitchens

Technology integrated kitchens are rising in popularity more and more every day.
Even if you don’t have the finances to rebuild a smart kitchen from scratch, you can still incorporate various devices for a trendy kitchen remodeling.
A hands-free faucet, sensor-activated lights, or a refrigerator that signals you when it is time to go grocery shopping – whatever you choose, it will make your kitchen area more convenient and up-to-date.

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Wall kitchen cabinets and floating shelves are no longer obligatory when it comes to kitchen design. Large, single-level kitchen islands are a major trend at the moment and provide a chic storage solution for your open-plan home. They are equipped with various functional cabinets and under-counter appliances, such as fridges and microwaves. Furthermore, larger sizing makes them great for wining and dining with friends.

Copper Accents

For a quick, low-cost kitchen makeover, incorporate trendy copper details. You can add a lustrous finish to your space with cabinet handles, faucets, and accessories while saving time and staying on budget.

Kitchen Remodeling Updates Make Your Kitchen Shine

Whether you choose to invest in a smart kitchen or go for a smaller-scale remodel of countertop surfaces, these kitchen upgrade trends will put your home on the trendiest property list.

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