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Lori Auerbach|November 16, 2023
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As a resident of Fairfield County, and adventurer with my furry sidekick, Coco, I’m gearing up for National Take-A-Hike Day on Friday.  I'm thrilled to share some of our favorite dog-friendly hiking trails in Fairfield County, CT.   So, grab your leash, lace up those boots, and let's embark on a journey through the great outdoors together! 

Trout Brook Valley, Weston, CT 

Trout Brook Valley is like nature's playground! With its 300-acre embrace, it's perfect for a paw-some day out. Coco and I love the easy-to-medium trails, and don't forget, off-leash fun awaits on the pink trail in Crow Hill just over the border in Easton. 

Cranbury Park, Norwalk, CT 

Cranbury Park is a gem right in Norwalk. The 227-acre wonderland offers not just hiking trails, but also orchards, meadows, and even a historic mansion. It's a dog's dream playground, and Coco agrees – tails are always high here! Plus, let your pup run free because Cranbury Park is an off-leash haven! 

 Brett Woods Open Space, Fairfield, CT 

Fairfield's hidden gem, Brett Woods, is a sprawling 186-acre haven. Coco and I love the extensive trail network, and don't miss the serene pond in the yellow loop. It's like our secret hideaway in the heart of the Greenfield Hill area of Fairfield I call home.  Brett Woods is another great off-leash option for dogs. 

Weir Preserve, Wilton, CT 

Wilton's Weir Preserve is a natural wonderland! From rock ledges to deep swamps, it's a trail mix of terrains. And yes, Coco runs free on the off-leash trails, making it a doggy paradise. So, let your furry friend explore without the constraint of a leash!  

 Wilton Loop of the Norwalk River Trail 

Wilton Loop is like the red carpet for Coco and me. It's part of the Norwalk River Trail, and we love the East and West side trails. Perfect for a stroll or a spirited run – Coco's choice, of course! Just remember to keep the leash on; Wilton Loop prefers our canine companions on a leash. 

Pequonnock River Valley Park-Rails to Trails, Trumbull, CT 

Trumbull's Pequonnock River Valley Park Rails to Trails are a dynamic duo! With 21 miles of trails, it's a mecca for hikers, dogs, and everyone in between. Coco and I always find a new nook to explore. Remember, leashes are a must on these picturesque trails. 

Lake Mohegan Park, Fairfield, CT 

Lake Mohegan Park is where the fun never ends! Explore scenic trails around the lake with your furball by your side. It's the perfect backdrop for great adventure for you and your dog. And here's the twist – unleash the fun because Lake Mohegan is an off-leash romp! 


Tarrywile Park, Danbury, CT 

Danbury's Tarrywile Park feels like a magical escape. Boasting 21 miles of trails, tranquil ponds, and inviting picnic spots, it's a haven for both humans and their furry friends. So, leash up for a wonderful journey through the enchanting landscapes of Tarrywile Park! 

  • Before you embark on your outdoor adventures, here are five tips to ensure a safe an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry companion:  Leash Up: Keep your dog on a leash when required.
  • Hydrate: Water for you, water for them. Happy hikers all around!
  • Trail Code: Know it, follow it, enjoy a golden hike.
  • Pick Up After Your Dog: Bag it, bin it – keep it clean, folks!
  • Wildlife Awareness: Be mindful of wildlife encounters.

 So, whether you're a dog owner or a resident hiker, lace up those hiking boots, and let's celebrate these incredible local spots. Embrace the fresh air, the scenic views, and the joy of exploration.  

Happy trails and wagging tails!  

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