Why the Holidays Are the Time to Sell

December 8, 2021
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So many sellers (and real estate agents) hold off on selling till January but why? With inventory still very low in Fairfield County and beyond it is no wonder that houses going on the market now are still moving quickly and possibly at higher prices due to the decrease in competition.  One huge advantage of the holiday season is that people tend to take vacations so sellers could be less inconvenienced if they are already planning that 10 day stay in Florida.
Below are 10 other reasons for sellers and agents to put homes on the market this December.
  1. People who are looking to buy during the holidays are more serious about buying

  2. Sellers have less competition, which means they usually sell faster and for more money

  3. Encourage ‘waiting’ sellers to at least start doing the prep work if they want to sell

  4. Houses show better during the holidays

  5. Buyers are more connected to their emotions and homeownership during the holidays

  6. Some buyers want to buy before the end of the year because of the tax advantages

  7. Buyers who are getting transferred to another city for work usually get notice at this time of year

  8. During the holidays, it’s acceptable to restrict showing times

  9. By selling now, you can be a non-contingent buyer after the holidays when more houses come into the market

  10. The real estate agents who are working at this time of year have the same commitment level as serious buyers during the holidays

Sellers on the Fence?  10 Reasons they should list this holiday season
Article on Inman By Darryl Davis

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